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About The Organisation And Competition

The aim of “The IPThink-Tank” is to focus on different aspects of intellectual property rights. It aims at providing a platform for enthusiasts and supports a variety of other activities for the same, including opportunities to be guided by Intellectual Property Law luminaries, obtains insights towards intellectual property career decisions, and enrich themselves in various topics pertaining to Intellectual Property (IP) through continuous research, discussion & allied activities.

The objective of the essay writing competition is to bring out the creative writing talent of law students across the country on issues of contemporary and trending topics of intellectual property rights. 


1.    Innovation for a Green Future.
2.    Inadequacy of IP laws to incorporate the growth of Artificial Intelligence. 
3.    Trade Secret Issues and other IP related issues in Mergers & Acquisitions. 
4.    Patenting of Traditional Knowledge: Challenges and the way forward. 
5.    Application of IPR in the field of Blockchain Technology.
6.    Application of IPR in the field of Big Data.
7.    Copyright and the Music Industry.
8.    Patenting drugs and medicines in the state of an epidemic/pandemic.
9.    Alternate Dispute Resolution and IPR.
10.  Disparagement in the 21st Century: A Pressing Concern. 

Please note, that the above topics are not exhaustive, the author is free to select any other contemporary topic related to the field of Intellectual Property Law.


The competition is open for participation of 5 years and 3 years LLB and LLM students.


1.    The essay should be within 2000 to 3000 words. 
2.    Submission should be made in .doc or .docx format. 
3.    The article should be in Times New Roman, 12 points with spacing 1.5. 
4.    The footnote should be in Times New Roman, 10 points with single spacing.
5.    The Bluebook 20th Edition shall be adhered to for footnoting.
6.    All submissions must adhere to the above mention requirement, not abiding by the same would tantamount to the rejection of the paper and non-awarding of any certificates.
7.    The work of the author should be original and unpublished. 
8.    No co-authorship shall be permitted. 
9.    A participant is entitled to submit only one essay for the competition.


          NOTE: - All submission should be accompanied by the following information: -
1.    Title of the Essay.
2.    Name of the Author.
3.    Course & Year of Study.
4.    Current Address. 
5.    Email Address of the Author. 
6.    Contact Number of the Author. 
7.    Author’s Declaration, as attached below.

Method Of Submission

All submissions should be sent across via email to with the subject line “National Essay Writing Competition Submission- Name of Author”.
Upon submission, the participants will receive an acknowledgment e-mail within 3 working days.


1.    Top three submissions will be awarded the Ambassadorship at The IPThink-Tank Chapter 1; along with a certificate of merit, and their essays shall be published on our website.
2.    Next 5 best submissions shall be awarded an online internship opportunity with The IPThink-Tank Chapter 1 for a period of 4 weeks, with an opportunity to become a full-time contributor, along with a certificate of merit, and their essays shall be published on our website.
3.    Further 10 submissions shall receive a certificate of merit with their essays being published on the website.
All participants shall be awarded an e-certificate of participation.

Important Dates

1.    Deadline for Registration:    31st March 2020 11:59 PM
2.    Deadline for Submission:    06th April 2020 11:59 PM
3.    Date of Result Declaration:    26th April 2020  


  • 1st- Aurin Chakraborty: Woven Webs of Time: Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Dilemmas in Copyright Laws  

  • 2nd- Keerthana R Chelluri: Should Artificial intelligence be eligible for IP rights on the same footing as human intelligence

  • 3rd- Rajat Gautam: Application of IPR in field of Blockchain TechnologyRajat Gautam: Application of IPR in field of Blockchain Technology

  • 4th- Mallika Tewari: Copyright & Music Industry

  • 5th- Shaurya Shukla: Application of IPR in Field of Blockchain Technology

  • 6th- Sonu Mehtha: Post Expiration Injunction in Patent Law

  • 7th- Subham Banerjee: Application of IPR in the field of Blockchain Technology

  • 8th- Subodh Singh: Innovation for a green future

  • 9th- Bharti Girdhar: Copyright & Music Industry

  • 10th- Sreejita Makhal: Copyright and the Music Industry

Note: The certificates will be mailed to you in two-three working days along with the additional details. 

To know our Judges, please click the following icon.

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