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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Students Life Drama

By Dr. Jayanta Ghosh, Research Fellow, CRSGPP, WBNUJS

Can we predict what’s going to happen? Can we predict the future”

Are you aware of Artificial intelligence (AI)? If this question is asked to a student or to a law student, the answer would relate mostly to the social media and email activities which they are used to as regular transaction. Some of the weird answers may also be expected on a few apps like making videos, photo editor, future prediction etc. which they use every day.

Let’s see what AI is actually all about. In general term, AI is the behavioral pattern of the machine which is supported by the techniques covered and are case-based reasoning, rule-based systems, artificial neural networks, fuzzy models, genetic algorithms, cellular automata, multi-agent systems, swarm intelligence, reinforcement learning and hybrid systems. All these may sound as complicated jargons to many. But we are fall prey to their technological advancement. AI is used to achieve easier lifestyle and in this context it’s helpful in nature. But the other dark part is also these which victimize the subject. Here subject is the individual, Student, general public. Law students, more specifically must be aware of AI, for professional reasons. We are in dire need to develop the safeguard against the evil nature of AI. This evil nature of AI would soon move towards the future predicted possibilities. Possibility of future economic abuse and other criminal activities looms large in the era of AI. But simultaneously it is also expected from the judicature to set up precedents taking care in mind of future AI affect. As of now the Indian legal system is silent in nature to tackle these future contingencies. To satisfy the societal need AI must have the laws for future negative contingencies. Hence, it is vouched that AI became part and parcel of the today’s lifestyle. Gray Scott says, “The real question is, when we will draft an artificial intelligence bill of rights? What will that consist of? And who will get to decide that?”

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