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How It Started

The Roots

In the present era of dynamic progress, innovation and advancement is a primal truth of life. In order to sustain one’s self the need of the knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights is of paramount importance. Thus our Intellectual Property Facilitation Team aims at providing a platform for such enthusiasts and supporting a variety of other activities for the same , including opportunities to meet Intellectual Property Law practitioners, obtain insights towards intellectual property career decisions, and enrich themselves in various topics pertaining to Intellectual Property (IP) through continuous research, discussion & allied activities.

Further, the Team intends to fuel academic and policy-oriented dialogues in vital areas of innovation & IP. Although the focus largely continues to be on technology driven issues, it will also contribute towards research in various non-technology driven areas as well like that of Trademarks and Geographical Indications. The Team shall regularly organize gatherings to discuss IPR issues with guest speakers and this would in turn facilitate in tracking developments in the field of intellectual property law. In addition to this, the Team shall be maintaining the blog which will trace the latest developments in the field of IP and shall encourage students to pen down such developments on a regular basis.

It is time to usher a wave of change, as constants are equations of pause and shall be lost in the static. 

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